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    Can cities, people and even ideas carry brand value?

    About Me

Purpose of the Site

The importance of being a brand in terms of products and services is evolving day by day and in a fast-moving world of communication; cities, people and even including ideas began to be considered very important. Brand perception, people’s minds; it is all of the comments they have made about the city, the person and the idea. In the literature, it is underlined that being a brand in general consists of cognitive and emotional factors and the general perception that emerges as a result of these factors. The main purpose of this site; to provide the transfer of the branding process from a universal perspective in terms of cities, people and ideas. However, the brand of cities, public awareness of people and ideas is to examine.

About me

If someone is able to sign big projects somewhere in the world, I can do better as a Musab ARSLAN brand.

The adventure of branding of cities, people and ideas

You have an idea for solving the important problem and the needs that arise from it. If this idea excites you and enables you to take action, you must create your marketing plan and strategy before starting a new business. I bought a brand from the bazaar came home a thousand brands … this must be! The big world brands create new brands, take them under their protection and become giant together. Because, even if big brands make a coincidence or have a good momentum in the market, they care about marketing and do not neglect it. Because world brands know very well that marketing is data and math, not advertising or sales.

Even if your bed is big, your quilt is as much as your brand. Keep your brand big so you don’t get cold.

Why should I contact?

Brands are just like people. He is born and begins to live. In this process, he learns to crawl, walk and talk. Then he gets younger and stronger. Like any life, brands are in the aging process and face death with no good strategy.

Our door is open to anyone who wants to map the life of their products, ideas, regions and companies they manage, or to create brand positioning as individuals.

This site is intended to learn and share. Please contact us not only for get ideas, but also for sharing ideas and suggestions.