In the marketing resources / literature related to the brand, there are three different features that make the brand a brand. These characteristics are, respectively, esence, benefit and attributes.

  • Esence: It is the element that gives the brand a character and personality and gives identity to the brand with its features that make it stand out from its competitors in the market. It is simple and simple, it makes the brand understandable from the moment it interacts with the consumer. Consumer understands and evaluates easily. It allows the consumer to make a judgment about the brand and find the questions in his / her mind clearly.
  • Benefit: It provides the benefit of the brand to present to the consumers with the existing features and overlaps in accordance with the needs and wishes of the consumers. This Benefit is determined and presented as rational, emotional or image based on the target audience.
  • Attributes: Finally, the qualification allows the brand to be distinguished from other brands with recognizable visuals. They are directly recognizable and tangible characteristics such as colors, shapes and graphics.

The aforementioned features are used in the branding of products, services and companies as well as regions, cities and countries that should be actively used in branding.