Presence(Awareness) “I was born on 04-02-1992. I settled in Istanbul with my family in 1996. I started my primary education at Oruç Gazi Primary School. At the end of 8 years, I graduated with honors and won Şehremini Anadolu High School, one of the prestigious high schools of its period. I met football as an amateur when I was 12 years old. After playing football for four years in Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Sports Club (İ.B.B Sports), I became a professional footballer and transferred to Sarıyer Sports Club. After a short period after entering the Football lives in Turkey, my own age category, the best overlap for four years in the field I was playing in the field, I was elected, and during this period “U14-U15-U16-U17 youth national teams” had the opportunity to do the captain’s armband.


Şems-i Tebrizi lives on his way to Konya to meet his friend, his friend Mevlana, sits on a hill that sees the city from a bird’s eye view and spends his mind on the words that will tell me the situation I have experienced, “When I go to this city, I know that my life will be upside down they approach negatively, but no one knows if their life is more beautiful than before. ” That’s how my life was turned upside down, I learned that it was as beautiful as my life. I was a freshman at the Faculty of Communication at Istanbul University. I had to make a new course. I have always been interested in social sciences since my childhood. This gave me an extra time to focus on the social sciences. If I want to study and specialize in the social sciences, I have decided that at the end of my research I have to learn a few languages, read a lot, travel a lot, and research more. When I was a student, I participated in certain competitions and received awards.


After my football life, I first worked as a model in various cast agencies. Advertising Foundation organized the competition, which I was the first in Turkey. Thanks to the Advertising Foundation, I had the opportunity to get to know the world of Advertising, Marketing and Brand closely. I needed to learn a few foreign languages ​​to achieve my social science goals. Apart from the languages ​​I know, I went to different language courses and at the end of each course I lived in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona), England (London). As a result, I learned English and Spanish besides my native language. I have had responsibilities in non-governmental organizations that I am a member of and I have signed certain social responsibility projects within my competencies. A year after joining the student council, I became the Student Council President and had the opportunity to attend various meetings. When I finished my undergraduate education, I finished my department with first degree. As an undergraduate student, I did an internship at several institutions and finally I did an internship at an advertising agency in Madrid, Spain for 6 months. I started my Master’s degree (Brand Communication Management) at Bahçeşehir University and decided to become a Uzman Brand Expert meden. I started my professional life as an active sales representative at RTP Media.

RTP Media has opened the working environment that I have dreamed of during my university life and a medium for me to advance rapidly. In a short period of time, I was promoted to Sales and Advertising Manager. We signed international projects with RTP Media, established our offices in Azerbaijan and Cyprus and started to serve abroad and reached agreements with many leading companies in our country. I’ve had a complete brand management experience. I became the General Manager of RTP Media in late 2015 and we continue to provide added value to our country by directing the sector. Along with these, I completed my master’s degree and published a thesis on ”Brand City“.


I know two languages ​​except for native lenguage. I started to work as a class leader after primary school. At university, I first managed to the department, then to the faculty and then to the chairmanship of the student council. I graduated from the Faculty of Communication with the first degree. During my professional life, I was promoted to Sales and Advertising Manager and then to General Manager. I continue to take part in various social responsibility projects. I completed my Master’s degree in Advertising and Brand Communication Management at Bahçeşehir University. I started my studies for my PhD. The clearest idea I have on the trainings I receive is that everything can become a brand. I wanted to communicate with you because I see myself and other people in the universe as a brand and want to position myself differently from other brands.


I’m 27 now. My goal is 4 years later at the age of 31 completed my PhD Asst. Assoc. Dr. I will be a part of the brand world without breaking my connection with science. In order to position brands in the rapidly changing marketing world and grow by renewing itself every day, it needs innovative entrepreneurs like me. If someone can sign under big projects at my age somewhere in the world, I can do better in my country as Musab ARSLAN brand. I’m trying to do better than that.