About the brand position, it has demonstrated that brands can gain an extra advantage by actively communicating the brand identity and value to the target audience compared to competing companies.

The concept of brand positioning is a concept that helps identify the marketing activities such as creating a place for the brand in the minds of consumers and applying or not implementing them successfully for marketing strategies and information about how these activities will proceed. Along with these, the positioning of the brand is a distinctive feature that separates the brand from its competitors and constitutes the basic brand concept in minds.

The positioning concept determines where consumers place services and products that are already existing or will be introduced to the market. Positioning; It allows companies that directly compete with a service or a product to make comparisons with their own services, facilities and products and shows the development of the image concept against other products and services. The main effect is to increase the attention to the identified city or product and to create the flow of visitors, to ensure that the product or service is met with a positive image when compared to similar products and services. With the positioning of the brand, the companies aim to bring the brand to a place in the minds and preferable with their strong features by revealing a meaningful meaning with the brand in the consciousness of consumers drowning in communication.

A well-planned and high-quality brand positioning is crucial for the success of the product or service. Companies can create confusion in the minds of consumers if they cannot position their brands correctly to tell them what they want. This created confusion can give consumers a negative advantage over their brands by choosing better positioned brands.

The benefits of correctly positioned brands in the market compared to their competitors are as follows:

  • Companies should determine the price of their products’ services according to their own brand values ​​rather than market conditions. This price policy can control the price of products or services and set the initial price.
  • A well-planned and implemented brand positioning can help consumers get to know the brand well in the market. Thanks to this recognition, it becomes difficult for brands to be forgotten in the minds of consumers.